My name is Chad Brawley and I’m the founder of CKBMP.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve had the priviledge of being exposed to and learning from some of the best artists, leaders, pastors and thinkers of our time. These experiences coupled with a God given passion for excellence in the area of artistic expression have driven me to create CKBMP. I’m driven to make sure that everything we do is done well and is mutually rewarding.

In the area of worship, I want to do all that I can to contribute to healthy Christian worship environments. People should be able to have a quality corporate and personal experience with God that allows for optimal exchange, growth and service. Our consulting services focus on the necessary evaluation, planning, training and execution involved in making this happen. Assisting in the growth process is a huge joy for me.

As a classically trained pianist, I understand the need for formal artistic education. CKBMP is committed to matching students with competent teachers that are interested in facilitating meaningful growth in the artistic life of the student. Students can expect to be challenged tremendously in order to enjoy the reward of self confidence, quality performance practices and personal discipline. In addition to private lessons, CKBMP is able to set up after school programs and summer camps designed to enrich the lives of young and seasoned artists alike. Classes are made available to children, youth, adults and seniors.

The wedding is one of the most important days of our lives. Is should be treated with utmost care and consideration. As one of the most important days, of course it is expected to be amazing. At CKBMP, we will make sure that the artistic portions of the day are done with class, excellence and creativity. We want couples and their guests to leave feeling inspired and refreshed from the beauty of the ceremony.Not only do we do weddings, we will handle any special event with the same expertise and care. Within our camp are cadres of musicians, singers, actors, dancers and visual artists that are able to perform well in any setting.

If you actually read all of this, then you probably have time to check out the rest of the site…..lol. Please do so, and leave comments. Most importantly, consider allowing us to partner with you. Let’s facilitate something special! Visit our (Contact) page and reach out to us.

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