Thankfully, I’ve had the privilege of serving on the executive staff of one of Houston’s oldest and strongest historical churches. Under the current administration, the membership has grown from about 100 to 3000+. Being over 130 years old AND vibrant =  effective management of multigenerational ministry, to say the least. God has allowed me to participate in and learn about the movement of a church from one level to the next systematically and effectively.

Currently, I serve as the Director of Worship Arts at TheLuke Church of Humble, TX. This is a unique assignment because the church is over 130 years old and has grown from about 150 to over 5000. As a team, we are working with our Pastor to “shift” the church to an “Emerging Church” model. We take the BEST of the traditional church and merge with the the BEST of the contemporary church to create a unique blend of approaches, styles and programming that blesses the body. God is using us to build bridges for future generations. 

God has impressed upon my heart the need for my ministry experience to be coupled with formal theological eduction. I am currently doing graduate work in “Worship” with an expected graduation in 2015. 

I am confident that God has called me to participate in the equipping of the saints to do the work of the ministry in the 21st century. The CKBMusikProductions “Worship Ministry Consulting Group” is here to serve.

CKBMP is passionate about equiping your staff and volunteers to use their gifts for the facilitation of weekly  corporate worship opportunities that are effective and breathtaking! Additionally, we endeavor to help you make disciples that will last and serve God on a long term basis with fullness of heart. 

Services Include (but are not limited to)

  • Interpretation of the Pastor’s Vision
  • Worship Review/Assessment/Report
  • Staff & Volunteer Development/Training
  • Workshops/Concerts/Events/Productions
  • ProTem Staff Positions
  • Music. Dance. Drama. Member Services. Media. Online.

INTERPRETATION OF THE PASTOR’S VISION – A consultation with the pastor will be scheduled to discuss the vision for the church with the goal of understanding the big picture. Once clarity has been achieved, we will consider the best methods to employ departmentally for the realization of the stated vision. Ultimately, we’ll be able to articulate the vision and goals in a manner that is clear to everyone involved – staff, volunteers and etc.

WORSHIP REVIEW – Members of our team will attend your worship celebration(s) and take copious notes. All aspects of the experience (from driving up to driving away) will be recorded for further consideration and discussion. A detailed report of the findings will be presented.

STAFF TRAINING – Once a clear direction has been established, CKBMP will train your staff and volunteers in the areas necessary to implement the movement. This may be done within a number of possible settings.

WORKSHOPS/CONCERTS – CKBMP would love to take a few days to work with your choir, praise team, band, production team, media team, dancers, actors and etc. During this time, we will cover artistic techniques and repertoire as well as relavant spiritual training pertinent to worship ministry in the local church. Your members will be empowered to live well and serve well. This will be a time of extreme inspiration! It will culminate with an amazing concert presentation. In addition to this style of presentation, We’d love to completely produce any event that you like. This may include a Christmas, Easter, NewYear’sEve or Anniversary celebration. We will make sure that your people are empowered and presented in a top notch manner.

STAFF POSITIONS – A member of our team may be needed and available to serve your ministry for a period of time to achieve maximum results. Arrangements may be made for a few weeks, 3 months, 6 months or 12 months. Which ever is necessary for the shift and best for the church.

We offer a number of resonable packages. Contact us today to schedule a complimentary consultation. Allow us to partner with you in moving your church’s ministry forward toward maximum impact! Let’s create a positive paradigm shift in the Kingdom.

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